YSV/YSV-K/VX2/YSX 2-way Direct Acting Mini Solenoid Valve

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Product Details

VX2  YSX  YSV  YSV-K -series 2-way direct acting solenoid valve 1/8"~1/2"

working medium:water、liquid、air、light oil(viscosity≤20cst) 

medium temperature:-10~120℃        
working pressure:0 ~ 15bar                           
working type:direct acting(NC, NO)
valvebody material:forged brass   SS304                   

sealing material:VITON
interface:G thread   NPT thread    
Working voltage:YSX-4J   DC24V  5.5W   F degree
YSV-10  VX2   AC240/220V  AC110V  50/60Hz  22VA  DC24V/12V  DC12V  14W  IP65 H degree
YSV-10K   AC240/220V  AC110V  50/60Hz  22VA  DC24V  13W  IP65  H degree
Digital timer   
LED light connector     
Rc thread   ES04-310 low power energy saving coil

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