RSSM /RSW /RST/ RS0-SL/ RSO /V2A /RSK 2-way Direct Acting Mini Solenoid Valve

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Product Details

RSSM  RSW  RST-series 2-way direct acting solenoid valve 1/8"~1/4"

working medium:water、liquid、air                               

medium temperature:-5~80℃    
working pressure:0~12bar                                      

working type:direct acting (NC) 

valvebody material:brass  SS316                                  

sealing material:NBR 

interface:G thread   NPT thread
Working voltage:AC220~240V  AC110V  50Hz/60Hz   DC24/12V   IP65  F degree
sealing material: VITON (-10~120℃)  EPDM (-10~130℃)       
Rc thread

RS0-SL  RSO  V2A  RSK-series 2-way mini solenoid valve 1/8"~1/4"

technical parameters 

working medium:water、liquid、air                                   

medium temperature:-5~80℃         

working pressure:0~14bar 

working type:direct acting(NC) (RSK NO) 

valvebody material:brass  PP  PA66(details see specification table)  

sealing materia l:NBR (RSK VITON)
interface:G thread   NPT thread
Working voltage:AC220~240V  AC110V  50/60Hz   DC24V  DC12V   IP65  F degree

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