Medium Pressure Solenoid Valve

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BD-series 2-way piston(NC) middle pressure solenoid valve 1/4"~1/2"

working medium:water、liquid、air、light oil(viscosity≤20cst)
medium temperature:-5 ~ 80℃   
working pressure: 0~60bar                          

working type: (NC) DN1.5~2.5 direct acting  DN6~12 pilot operated                                  
valvebody material:brass  SS304, DN≥6 only brass    

sealing material:direct acting:VITON   pilot operated:PTFE
interface:G thread   NPT thread                             
Working voltage:AC220~240V AC110V 50/60Hz DC24V/12V direct acting AC28VA DC18W pilot operated AC18VA  DC14W
Rc thread   LED light connector

BD-series 2-way piston(NO) middle pressure solenoid valve

working medium:liquid、air、light oil(viscosity≤20cst)             

medium temperature: -5 ~ 80℃   
working pressure: 0~60bar                         

working type:(NC)DN1.5~2.5 direct acting  DN6~12 pilot operated                                   
valvebody material:brass  SS304,DN≥ only brass   

sealing material:  direct acting:VITON   pilot operated:PTFE
interface:G thread   NPT thread                             
working voltage:AC220~240V  AC110V  50/60Hz  DC24V/12V, direct acting:AC 28VA  DC 18W  pilot operated:AC 18VA  DC 14W
Rc thread   LED light connector

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