Why does the solenoid valve not work properly when it is energized?

There are often some faults in the use of solenoid valves. The more common one is that the solenoid valve does not work properly after being energized. The relevant person in charge of Lidian said that the main reason for this situation is that the medium property is not in the working range of the solenoid valve. Of course, it also includes the reasons for artificial installation and operation. The following is a detailed analysis of why the solenoid valve cannot be energized. normal work?

1. The fluid pressure or working pressure difference does not match. This problem will also cause the solenoid valve to fail to work properly. The medium cannot pass because the working condition of the solenoid valve cannot meet the actual working requirements and is not within the scope of the actual working environment.

2, fluid viscosity or temperature does not match, this is generally due to the wrong choice of solenoid valve product model, or the properties of the media has changed.

The solution is to check the properties of the media. You can adjust the properties of the media. Otherwise, you need to replace the appropriate product.

3. The dirt and impurities are mixed around the valve core and the moving iron core. When the impurities enter the inside of the solenoid valve product, the solenoid valve product will not work properly.

The treatment is to clean the inside and the filter valve must be installed before the valve.

4. The filter before the valve or the pilot valve hole is blocked, which is also caused by too much impurities.

The treatment method is to check the filter and pilot valve hole of the solenoid valve, and clean the filter or the pilot valve hole. In addition, the medium of the solenoid valve needs to be checked, and excessive impurities should be cleaned in time.

5, the working frequency is too high or the life expectancy

Excessive operating frequency will affect the normal operation of the solenoid valve. In addition, if the solenoid valve is used for a long time and the service life expires, the solenoid valve will not work properly.

The solution is to re-select the product model or replace it with a new one.