Which valves are used for home decoration

1. Ball valve. It is used for the total switch valve, and the main valve of the household. It is recommended to replace copper ball valve with good quality.

2. Branch pipe pressure reducing valve. It is a high-rise building with unstable water pressure. Branch pipe pressure reducing valve is installed behind the water meter to protect the stability of the water pressure. There are potential safety hazards for the use of electric water heaters after overpressure.

3. Angle valve. Install water heater, sink, toilet, wash basin. Angle valve is used. Because one end of the angle valve is connected to the pipe in the wall, it is difficult to replace it when it is damaged. It is recommended to buy angle valve of pure copper, which is more durable.

4. Faucet. Kitchen sink faucet, bathroom wash basin faucet. Faucet for washing machine, mixing valve for Bath. Faucet switch frequently, it is recommended to buy a faucet with ceramic valve core, which is more durable.

5. Water separator for floor heating. It is dedicated to floor heating in the north and not commonly used in the South. You can change the larger diameter by yourself, and the indoor temperature is warmer. The probability of blockage is lower. The temperature can be adjusted separately on each branch. The temperature in the child's room is lower, and the temperature in the old man's room can be higher.

6. Gas ball valve. Refitting gas pipes and installing gas water heaters are required. Pay attention to the need to buy gas special ball valve, can not use ordinary water ball valve to replace. Because the gas ball valve has anti-static function. The ball core, valve stem and valve body can conduct electricity, and the resistance is less than 10Ω.

7. Gas leakage electromagnetic shut-off valve. It consists of a fuel leakage alarm and electromagnetic shut-off valve. When fuel leakage alarm detects gas leakage, an audible and visual alarm will be sent to remind users of gas leakage and at the same time turn off the solenoid valve. Make the solenoid valve close in time to protect indoor safety. Gas leakage accidents occur every year, especially in winter, doors and windows are closed and ventilation conditions are poor. We strongly recommend that you install it.n2w-model-semi-direct-acting-solenoid-valve35322307301