What is the effect of fluid on the valve?

1. Abrasion

There are many factors that affect the wear of fluid particles: Particle size, content in the fluid medium, density, speed, steering through the valve flow channel, and the operating requirements of the valve control process. Commonly used in given high wear occasions, the best valve is determined by the equipment operator, only need to install the valve one by one, until the product can meet a certain service life. Valve manufacturers follow this test procedure and often provide improved valve trim, which in some cases can significantly increase the service life of the valve.

2. The operational wear

The entire number of working cycles of the valve has a great impact on the total service life of the valve. High-pressure grinding fluid is discharged thousands of times per day from the entire stroke of the valve, while other valves for simple throttling operate only a few times. These conditions determine the most applicable form of valve trim and actuator.

3. The internal corrosion

Changes in conditions will also accelerate changes in corrosion. In most cases, it can only be solved by previous accumulated experience and knowledge. Metal alloy lining, elastic material lining and glass lining can be used as the inner surface of certain valve structures to prevent corrosion. Corrosion is related to the velocity of the fluid and the content of corrosive materials in the fluid. The protective film formed on the metal surface is often quickly worn off, exposing the fresh metal.

4. The valve plug

The crystallization of muddy materials, sediments, compounds and heavy dirt deposits may accidentally block the flow channels of the valve body, which hinders the operation of the valve, the valve body structure of a smooth runner with few dead corners helps to overcome these conditions. It is also possible to block the balance hole in the structure of the pressure balance valve core. The valve structure of the balanced valve core should not be used in the occasions where the product is easy to precipitate and accumulate, and it may not be used when it is seriously blocked. Disassemble the valve for oil, it is completely blocked by paraffin wax and sand entering the channel, however the valve inner balance part can be freely operated.