What is the difference between a pilot-operated solenoid valve and a direct-acting solenoid valve?

The direct-acting solenoid valve has a correspondingly fast speed and a short action time. When the frequency is high, the direct-acting type is generally used; the pilot-type solenoid valve uses a small valve to open the large valve. The flow rate is large and the large-diameter selection pilot type. The pilot type can withstand greater pressure than the direct-acting type. Moreover, the direct-acting solenoid valve has a faster starting speed than the pilot-operated solenoid valve. If it is selected for quick cut-off, it is recommended to purchase a direct-acting solenoid valve. Because the pilot solenoid valve is energized, the small valve opens first, the main valve opens later, and the direct-acting solenoid valve directly opens the main valve. In terms of application, the direct acting type is mainly used for low pressure and small flow, and the pilot type is mainly used for high pressure and large flow