What are the solutions for the solenoid valve coil overheating?

Solution for overheating and burning of solenoid valve coil:

1. Disassemble and repair the hydraulic check valve, re-grind the inner wall, and replace the aging parts to make it flexible.

2. Modification of the electromagnetic starting valve, the specific method is to cancel the internal spring. In this way, the valve core presses the nozzle by its own gravity, but the gravity is not enough to completely press the outlet water, thus forming an orifice, so that the working water can enter with a certain pressure (about 0.015 MP a). Check valve: On the one hand, a certain flow of water is formed in the check valve, which avoids the occurrence of corrosion of the inner wall and the spring. On the other hand, it reduces the water pressure inside the electromagnetic start valve and increases the use of the sealing member. life.

3. Use a high-quality, air-tight rubber pad and take a regular replacement of the new rubber pad to avoid water in the housing where the coil is located.