The difference between direct-acting and pilot-operated solenoid valves

1. Media cleanliness requirements: The pilot-type solenoid valve requires relatively high purity of the circulating medium, while the direct-acting type is not so strict.
2, power and loss: direct-acting solenoid valve power and loss is greater than the pilot type.
3. Flow capacity: The flow capacity of the pilot solenoid valve is larger than that of the direct motion type. The general CV value can reach more than 3, and the general CV value of the direct acting solenoid valve is less than 1.
4. Response time: The starting speed of the direct-acting solenoid valve is faster than that of the pilot type, and it is often used in places where the cutting is quick. Because the pilot solenoid valve is through 5, the small valve is opened first, the main valve is opened later, and the direct-acting solenoid valve is the main valve directly opened.
6. Withstand pressure: The hydraulic pressure of the pilot solenoid valve is higher than that of the straight-through solenoid valve.