Steam solenoid valve noise is too large, specific reasons and solutions

The cause of the noise generated by the steam solenoid valve may be related to the damage of the mechanical parts of the solenoid valve itself, and may also be related to the working environment of the solenoid valve.

The specific reasons and solutions are as follows:

1. There are external impurities in the system control, and there are external impurities on the valve core or on the surface of the plunger nut.

The entry of external impurities may cause the operation of the solenoid valve to be unstable, affecting the normal operation of the solenoid valve, resulting in noise generated by the solenoid valve. The solution is to check and clean the impurities of the solenoid valve.

2. Damage to solenoid valve components, such as springs.

After a long period of use, the solenoid valve products will have normal wear or damage, which will result in unstable operation of the solenoid valve and noise. The solution is to repair or replace the damaged parts of the solenoid valve.

3, the system pressure is too high

Excessive system pressure is not within the working range of the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is unstable and noise is generated.

4, the voltage is too low

The low voltage causes the solenoid valve to work abnormally, generating noise and adjusting the voltage.

5. The actual working environment conditions of the solenoid valve products are not within the working range of the solenoid valve products.

For example, ambient temperature, medium temperature and properties, environment and working pressure, etc., when the solenoid valve is not working, it will be unstable, which will easily cause wear and damage of the accelerated components, and excessive noise. The solution is to replace the solenoid valve product suitable for environmental conditions.

6, lack of lubrication

The long-term use of solenoid valve products causes a lack of lubrication between the solenoid valve components, and the physical friction causes the noise of the solenoid valve to be excessive. The solution is to add lubrication to the shaft of the solenoid valve.

7, the solenoid valve parts are loose

Loose parts will cause the solenoid valve structure to be unstable, so the solenoid valve will vibrate during operation. The greater the vibration, the greater the noise. The solution is to stop the solenoid valve and check and tighten the loose parts of the solenoid valve.