Solenoid valve should pay attention to the pressure and flow of working fluid

The structure of the solenoid valve is not too complicated and the price is not too expensive, but only when it is properly selected and used can it play its role to the maximum extent. If it is not properly used, not only is it difficult to work normally, but it may even cause abnormal control system in serious cases. When choosing to use solenoid valve, we need to understand the nature of working fluid. The nature of the working fluid determines the type of solenoid valve, so the corresponding solenoid valve should be selected according to the characteristics of the medium. For example, the solenoid valve used for water and steam is different. Fluid properties include: temperature, pressure, viscosity, corrosivity, etc. For fluids with high temperature, normal temperature solenoid valve cannot be used, otherwise its service life will be greatly shortened and even damaged in serious cases. When the fluid in the pipeline contains impurities such as particles, diaphragm solenoid valve should be selected. The allowable liquid viscosity of solenoid valve is generally below 20mm 2/s, which should be inquired from the manufacturer, and special order should be made when it is more than 50mm 2/s. Generally, the solenoid valve has higher requirements on the cleanliness of the fluid. When the cleanliness of the fluid is not high, the filter can be installed in front of the solenoid valve. Clear the pressure and flow of the working fluid. The selected solenoid valve has too high rated working pressure, which will increase investment; But the selected rated working pressure is too low, or close to the actual medium pressure, because the strength of the solenoid valve is not enough during work, it can cause accidents. In addition to safety issues, the choice of working pressure is also related to whether the solenoid valve can work normally. Working pressure generally uses the highest and lowest upper and lower limits to determine its reliable working range. Otherwise, the solenoid valve will not work reliably due to the influence of medium pressure.

The dielectric flow is related to the diameter or valve seat size when the solenoid valve is selected. If the diameter of the selected solenoid valve is too large, it will cause economic waste and increase the installation cost. However, if the diameter is too small, there will be many problems. If it will limit the flow that should be passed through the pipeline, and cause large pressure loss, which reduces the control function of the system and makes the control precision of the system decrease or out of control.

The working pressure difference refers to the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the solenoid valve that can be reliably opened and closed, which is the key to the normal operation of the solenoid valve and also the primary consideration in the selection, it can be selected according to parameters such as process pipeline conditions and combined with the selection sample of solenoid valve.