Solenoid valve mesh standards

Solenoid valve because of its particularity of the structure, higher requirements on media cleanliness. In order to prevent impurities into the solenoid valve, usually in front of the valve to install filters or Y-type filter. Filter criteria, we usually calculated according to the number of heads. The so-called mesh, that is, in a square inch of the filter area, the number of cells. For example, in a square inch filter on the 80 mesh, then the filter is 80 goals. On a square inch of filter area, the greater the number of filter holes, the higher the filtration accuracy and the ability to filter out finer impurities. Conversely, on a square inch of screen area, the smaller the number of filter holes, the lower the filtering accuracy, which can only filter out larger impurities.

   80 mesh filter, you can filter out impurities greater than or equal to 0.18 mm, less than 0.18 mm of impurities, you can not filter out. According to the actual conditions, choose a more suitable filter.

  For the solenoid valve, the mesh of the mesh too much, will affect the flow of the solenoid valve; Mesh too little, they can not meet the filter criteria. Generally require the installation of at least 60 mesh filter.

Yuyao NO.4 Instrument Factory production YSA series of plastic solenoid valve, DFD65-200F leading diaphragm solenoid valve, all comes with stainless steel filter to prevent impurities into the solenoid valve chamber.

Mesh size: 0.30mm ---- Standard mesh: 50 mesh

Mesh size: 0.25mm ---- Standard mesh: 60 mesh

Mesh size: 0.212mm ---- Standard mesh: 70 mesh

Sieve size: 0.18mm ---- Standard mesh: 80 mesh

Sieve size: 0.15mm ---- Standard mesh: 100 mesh