Solenoid Valve Common Knowledge

Electromagnetic valve common knowledge

  A, security,

  1, the corrosive medium, appropriate chooses king plastic or stainless steel solenoid valve, strong corrosion medium must choose the isolation diaphragm.

  2, neutral medium: can choose of copper alloy material of solenoid valve, valve shell has a tendency to rust particles fall off, otherwise the valve shell especially actions do not frequent occasions. Ammonia can't use copper valve.

  3, explosive environment, must choose corresponding grade products, outdoor dust or more occasions should choose explosion-proof dust-proof varieties solenoid valve.

  4, the electromagnetic valve nominal pressure should be greater than or exceed the maximum working pressure inside.

  Second, the applicability

  1, medium features:

  1.1, gas, liquid or mixed state respectively choose different kinds of electromagnetic valve, otherwise easy to cause false action.

  1.2, medium temperature, medium temperature is different, choose corresponding insulation class products, otherwise easy to be burn or breakdown, sealing material aging, affect the service life

  1.3, viscosity, usually under 20 CST, if more than this value, select multi-function solenoid valve size is greater than 15 mm, unfavorable choose size small electromagnetic valve.

  1.4, medium cleanness is not high, should recoil filter in front of the solenoid valve. Straight moving or straight moving step by step at the beginning of low pressure diaphragm solenoid valve.

  1.5, if the directional flow and are not allowed to go back, to put forward special requirements.

  2, pipe parameters

  2.1, according to the medium flow direction and pipeline connection mode, select the valve size and figure number.

  2.2 Kv value, according to the flow and valve selection valve nominal diameter, also can choose the same as the pipe diameter.

  2.3, the lowest working pressure difference: working pressure difference above 0.04 MPa choose guiding type; Minimum working pressure difference is close to or equal to 0 must choose direct acting or straight moving step by step.

  3, environmental conditions,

  3.1 environment of minimum and maximum temperature should be within the scope of the permit, if there is error, need to do special request is put forward

  3.2, environment relative humidity is high, and there are water droplets rain situation should choose waterproof solenoid valve.

  3.3, often is vibration in the environment, should choose the special occasions, such as turbulence and shock varieties, such as Marine electromagnetic valve, etc.

  3.4, corrosion and explosive environment should be prioritized according to the corrosion resistant valve is used in the security.

  4, power supply conditions,

  4.1 according to the types of power supply, ac and dc electromagnetic valve is used in the respectively, generally preferred to choose communication, because of their convenience.

  4.2 as far as possible choose AC220V50Hz and dc DC24V voltage specifications.

  4.3 the power supply voltage fluctuation: usually exchange of 15% ~ 15%, dc + / - 10% is allowed.

  4.4 choose rated current according to the power capacity and power consumption, note: communication startup VA value is higher, the insufficient capacity should be preferred to choose guiding type solenoid valve.

  5, the control precision

  5.1 only and off two ordinary electromagnetic valve, high control accuracy requirement and parameters for balance when choose a number of solenoid valve. Such as the three normally open valve, has slightly open, open and closed three position.

  5.2 action time: refers to the electrical signal through or cut off to the main valve action time.

  5.3 leakage

  Three, reliability,

  1, the working life

  2, work pattern: long term, short work repeatedly and short work.

  3, working frequency: the frequency requirement is high, the product structure should be preferred to choose direct acting solenoid valve.

  4, action reliability