Right angle electromagnetic pulsing valves installation

1. Check whether the components are damaged during transportation before use.

2. Before installation, the sundries in the gas supply pipeline should be cleared by air first. Pay attention to whether the gas flow direction and the connecting pipe are correct during installation.

3. All O-ring should be coated with appropriate lubricant during installation.

4. There are three pins on the electromagnetic pulse valve coil, which are equipped with special plugs. One of them with the symbol "" is the grounding pin. Users can decide whether to ground or not according to their needs. The two are coil power pins, which are respectively connected with the terminals of the corresponding sequence of pulse blowing control instrument and the terminals of the valve common wire. Pay attention to whether the voltage meets the requirements.

5. The gas distribution box of the dust collector shall be customized by the user. The capacity of the gas distribution box shall meet the requirements of providing electromagnetic pulsing valves stable gas source. The inner wall of the gas distribution box shall be cleaned without rust and other sundries, the gas distribution box has no leakage and meets relevant requirements.

6. The sealing element applicable tempure of the valve and the air bag and the injection connection pipe is-10℃ ~ 70℃. For high temperature seals, please specify separately when ordering.