Precautions for installing high temperature solenoid valves

The high temperature solenoid valve is a pilot direct acting solenoid valve, which mainly plays the role of remote control and double position automatic adjustment of the medium in the pipeline. High-temperature solenoid valves have a wide range of applications and play an integral role in heating devices, industrial furnaces, chemical equipment, HVAC, and shipbuilding. It can be said that the high temperature solenoid valve is closely related to our life. Its advanced function improves the efficiency of the use of the pipeline medium, and its superior protection performance can reassure users and producers.

Although the high temperature solenoid valve has high protection performance, there are still many problems that need to be paid attention to and solved during installation, so as to avoid the hidden dangers that may cause machine failure in the future.

First, before installing the high-temperature solenoid valve, be sure to read the instructions carefully, carefully check the model and specifications of the solenoid valve, and follow the steps in the manual to install it step by step.

Second, before connecting the high-temperature solenoid valve to the pipeline, be sure to flush the pipeline with clean water to clean the foreign matter in the pipeline to prevent mechanical failure caused by pipeline blockage.

Thirdly, the low-lying pipelines are prone to water vapor condensation and debris accumulation, which may increase the possibility of machine failure. Therefore, do not install high-temperature solenoid valves in the low-lying pipelines.

Fourth, it is absolutely impossible to install this valve in dangerous and explosive places!

In addition, the applicable medium for high-temperature solenoid valves is oil, steam, corrosive fluids, etc. Users should pay attention to the use of media after installation to prevent damage caused by improper use.