Precautions for high pressure solenoid valves

The high-pressure solenoid valve is divided into two types: direct-acting and pilot-operated. The three-dimensional sealing structure of the leading design can be flexibly matched with different sealing materials, and the valve can reach zero leakage. The high pressure solenoid valve has a brass high pressure solenoid valve and a stainless steel high pressure solenoid valve. Control of various pipeline lines.

1. Please refer to the instruction manual of the product before installation to see if it meets your requirements.

2, the pipeline should be rinsed before use, the filter should be installed if the medium is not clean, to prevent impurities from hindering the normal operation of the solenoid valve.

3, the solenoid valve after a long time of deactivation should be clear after the condensate is easy to use; the parts should be placed in order and then restored to the original state.

4, the solenoid valve is generally one-way work, can not be reversed, the arrow on the valve is the direction of movement of the pipeline fluid, must be consistent.

5. When the solenoid valve is working again in the icing site, it should be heat treated or set with insulation measures.

6, the solenoid valve is installed in the general valve body level, the coil is vertically upward, some products can be installed at will, but when the conditions permit, * vertical, to increase the service life.

7. After the electromagnetic coil lead wire (connector) is connected, it should be confirmed whether it is firm or not. The contact of the electrical component should not be shaken. Looseness will cause the solenoid valve to not work. Continuously to produce working solenoid valves, * good bypass, easy to overhaul, does not affect production.