Fault phenomena of refrigeration solenoid valve operation and solutions

  Fault phenomenon 1: the solenoid valve does not work after being powered on

  Troubleshooting method: Check whether power supply wiring is bad → re-wiring and connector connection, check whether the power supply voltage is within ± working range-→ adjust to normal position range, whether the coil is desoldering → re-weld the coil short circuit → Replace the coil, whether the working pressure difference is inappropriate → adjust the pressure difference → or replace the Proportional Solenoid Valve, the fluid temperature is too high → Replace the Proportional Solenoid Valve, there are impurities that make the main valve core and moving iron core of the solenoid valve stuck → clean it. If there is any seal damage, replace the seal and install the filter. The liquid viscosity is too high, the frequency is too high, and the service life has reached → replace the product

  Failure phenomenon 2: solenoid valve cannot be closed

  Troubleshooting method: the sealing element of the main valve core or the iron moving core has been damaged → Replace the sealing element, whether the fluid temperature and viscosity are too high → Replace the corresponding solenoid valve, impurities enter the valve core or moving iron core of the solenoid valve → clean, spring operating life has arrived or deformed → Replace, throttle hole balance hole is blocked → clean in time, the working frequency is too high or the service life has reached → re-select the product or update the product。

  Other fault conditions:

  Internal leakage → check whether the seal is damaged and whether the spring is poorly assembled。

  External leakage → loose connection or broken seal → tighten screws or replace seals

  Noise when Powered On → The head firmware is loose, tighten it.

  Voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range, adjust the voltage well. Iron core suction surface impurities or uneven, timely cleaning or replacement.