Cautions for solenoid valve selection

One: applicability

The fluid in the pipeline must be consistent with the medium calibrated in the selected solenoid valve series model.

   The temperature of the fluid must be lower than the calibration temperature of the solenoid valve.

2. Reliability

   Solenoid valve is divided into two types: normally closed and normally open; normally choose normally closed type, turn on when power is turned on, and turn off when power is off; but when the opening time is very long, the normally open type is selected when it is very short.

  Life test, the factory is generally a type test project, to be precise, my country does not yet have a professional standard for solenoid valves, so be careful when choosing solenoid valve manufacturers.

   The action time is very short. When the frequency is high, the direct acting type is generally selected.

3. Security

  General solenoid valve is not waterproof, please choose the waterproof type when the conditions do not allow, the factory can be customized. The maximum nominal pressure of the solenoid valve must exceed the maximum pressure in the pipeline, otherwise the service life will be shortened or other unexpected situations will occur.

   Corrosive liquids should use all stainless steel type, strong corrosive fluid should use plastic king solenoid valve.

  Explosive environments must use corresponding explosion-proof products.

4. Economic

First, we should follow the four principles of safety, reliability, applicability, and economy in turn, followed by selection based on six aspects of on-site working conditions (that is, pipeline parameters, fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action methods, special requirements) .