According to the material, which types of solenoid valves can be divided?

1) Stainless steel solenoid valve: It is the most common solenoid valve product. The stainless steel material is most popular with users because of its good quality and stable work.

*This series of products are widely used in production and scientific research departments such as textiles, printing, chemicals, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, food, building materials, machinery, electrical appliances, surface treatment, and in people's daily life facilities such as bathrooms, canteens, and air conditioners.

2) Brass solenoid valve: Some users with low requirements will choose brass solenoid valve products. The price of such solenoid valve products is relatively low and suitable for ordinary working environments.

* This series of products are generally suitable for liquid, water, gas, hot water, oil, gas and other media.

3) Plastic solenoid valve: In some special workplaces and solenoid valves used in special media, such as the working environment with acid and alkaline media, solenoid valves made of brass and stainless steel are easily corroded, so special materials are used (Engineering plastic PVC, CPVC, UPVC, ABS or PTFE, etc.) plastic solenoid valves are particularly excellent in corrosion resistance.

* This series of products are suitable for drinking water, all kinds of untreated sewage, rainwater, sea water and various acid-base salt solutions, organic solvents, etc.